TRANSMISSIONS / PROMETHEUS DECONSTRUCTED, Painting/Video Installation. Long Beach City Collage Art Gallery, February-March 2014, Curator: Habib Zamani

IMPERIAL EDEN / AFTER THE DISSENT, Painting / Video Installation, A Groundspace Gallery Project, October 2013, Curated by Susan Joseph, 

ABOVE THE FOLD, Multi-Channel Video Installation + All L.A. Times from September 12, 2001 – September 11, 2002, Pasadena Museum Of California Art, Pasadena,  CA, September/October/November2011

PICASSO'S DILEMMA, Multi-channel/ Multi-site (5 locations) video collaboration with Joey Forsyte,  Pasadena,  CA, June 25 - July 3, 2011

EDO / HERE: ALEX KRITSELIS  NEW PAINTINGS, Gallery Kaplanon 5, Athens, Greece, January/February 2011

DON’T BLOW IT/A RISING TIDE, 13 multi-channel video projections at One Colorado, Pasadena, California, December – January 2010

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Skin-Multiple Faces of Humanity,” 32 video projections, Pasadena, California, October 2007

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Skin-Trains,” 32 video projections, Pasadena, California, March 2007

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Skin-Reflections, ”32 video projections, Pasadena, California, October 2006

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Skin-Energy,” 32 video projections, Pasadena, California, March 2006

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Skin-Cells,” 32 video projections Pasadena California, October 2005

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Floating Armada-Flame, ”16 video projections Pasadena California, March 2005.

TENDERLAND, Pasadena City College, October 2004–January 2005.

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Mars,” 20 video projections Pasadena California, March 2004

ARTNIGHT, Pasadena City College, “Aquarium,” 30 video projections, Pasadena, California, October 2003

SOUTH BAY CENTER FOR THE ARTS,  “Temptation,” Video installation, El Camino College, 2003, Los Angeles, California,

CRAZY SPACE, “Juxtaposing,” Video Installation, December 2002, SM, California

ARMORY NORTHWEST, “Installational 2002,” Video Installation, “Devotion,” September-October 2002, Pasadena, California

GLENDALE COLLEGE ART GALLERY, “Four Corners and a Wall,” November – December 2000, Glendale, California

THE STUDIO, “Sculpture from the Memory Series, “Crucifixion,”  LA, CA, April 1999

THE STUDIO, “Sculpture from the Memory Series – “Kouros,” Los Angeles, California. October 1998

THE STUDIO, “New work on the verge and other things,” “New constructions and spaces under consideration,” LA, California, June 1997

SPACE GALLERY, “Beyond Positing,” A personal journey, LA, CA, May-June 1994

WEST GALLERY, Claremont Graduate University, “Positionings,” Claremont, California, September-October 1991

ART GALLERY, Texas University, “Coming Back,”  San Marcos, Texas, November 1991

SOUTH BAY CENTER FOR THE ARTS, El Camino College, “Trojan Wars II; Flakope,” Los Angeles, California, December 1990

SPACE GALLERY, “Trojan Wars I,”Los Angeles, California, February 1988

STELLA POLARIS GALLERY, “Hellenic Mirages,” LA, California,  April-May 1987

DADA GALLERY, “New Work,” Athens, Greece, January 1984

STELLA POLARIS GALERY, “Alexander Kritselis Recent Works,”  LA, CA, January-February 1983

WEST GALLERY, “Recent Works II,” Claremont Graduate University, February 1983

ALMA TOMAS ART CENTER, Southwestern University,Georgetown, Texas, 1980

SWTST ART GALLERY, “The Human Condition in the Present,” “Presidential

Seminar Award”, Texas University, November 1979

SOCIETY FOR PROMOTION OF CONTEMPORARY ART,  “Alexander Kritselis,” Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs,  Athens, Greece, January 1979

THE LIVING ROOM GALLERY, “Alex Kritselis, Drawings, Paintings and Small Sculpture,” Northhampton, Mass., 1974


ARTIST SELECT ARTIST: w/Alex Kritselis, John Koga, Yutaka Sone, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Luk Tymans, West Bund Art and Design Fair, Shanghai, China, September, 2015

ANEMOS GALLERY, “Tsunami 2004,” February 2005

THE FACTURY, the School of Fine Arts of Athens,

“Passages,” “Here and There,” Athens, Greece, February 2001

GAZI, BULDING D7, “Twenty years of Greek Painting,” Panhellenic Cultural Movement, Athens, Greece,  November 1997


Ministry of Culture and Science, Athens, Greece, 1987

HARRIS EGONOPOULOS ART GALLERY, “Artexas 1980,”  Athens, GR,  May 1980

GALLEREI MATI, “Twelve American Artists,” Stockholm, Sweden, November 1980

GRAND PALAIS DES CHAMPS-ELYSEES, “Comparisons 1978,”  Paris, France, 1978


PASADENA CITY COLLEGE ART GALLERY, Faculty exhibitions, 1987- 2010, Pasadena, CA

THE OLD UNIVERSITY CLUB, “DADA,” “Downtown Lives,”  LA, CA, October 1997


“Down Town Lives,” Los Angeles, California, September 1996

SPACE GALLERY, “ONE Vision,” Los Angeles, California, June-July 1995

SPACE GALLERY, “20 Years of Representation,”Los Angeles, California, 1995

ART GALLERY, “Faculty Charts,” Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, December 1994

RUTH BLOOM GALLERY, “Monumenti Alla Resistenza,” A collaborative Installation with Lary Gipe, in conjunction with“The Century of Progress Museum,” Santa Monica, California,  April-June 1994

RIVIERA FINE ARTS CENTER, “Six Los Angeles Artists,” Santa Barbara, California, March-May 1984

SPACE GALLERY, “Cups 1994,” Los Angeles, CA, July 1994

SPACE GALLERY, “Some Recent Sculpture,Los Angeles,  CA, 1990

SPACE GALLERY, “Artists Furniture,” Los Angeles,CA, July 1988

SPACE GALLERY, “Survey of Objects,”  Los Angeles, California, June-August 1987

BRAND LIBRARY ART GALLERY, Glendale, California, May-June 1986

DADA GALLERY, “Water,” Athens, Greece, May 1985

STELLA POLARIS GALLERY, “LAVA Group Exhibition,”  LA, California, January 1985

WEST GALLERY, “Kritselis, Morphesis, Sterrit, Sturman,” Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, 1985

SWTSU ART GALLERY, “Third Texas Sculpture Symposium,”  Texas University, San Marcos, Texas, February-March 1981


A&I UNIVERSITY GALLERY, “Three Person Show –  Anderson, Kritselis, Weller,” Kingsville, Texas, Spring 1981

LAWNDALE ANNEX ART GALLERY, “Second Texas Sculpture Symposium,” University of Houston, Houston, TX, 1980

LAREDO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Laredo, Texas, October-November 1980

STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, “Texas Artists Invitational,” Austin, Texas, 1976